Persuasion - Jane Austen The Gold Coast - Kim Stanley Robinson Pacific Edge - Kim Stanley Robinson Dr. Zhivago - Boris Pasternak Eye of the Needle - Ken Follett Brightness Reef - David Brin An Echo in the Bone - Diana Gabaldon A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows - Diana Gabaldon The Space Between: An Outlander Novella - Diana Gabaldon

Persuasion - Lovely. Nice to have a "mature" heroine. Audio book.


The Gold Coast - My least favorite book of the triptych. Didn't like this version of the future one bit. Most likely to occur, maybe?


Pacific Edge - Much more enjoyable than TGC! Much more engrossing story, more likable characters...  Each version of the future presented in the three stories (Wild California, The Gold Coast, and Pacific Edge) is disturbing its own way, but I disliked the version presented in TGC the most.


Doctor Zhivago - Sweeping Russian epic, written by a poet. Stunning. Engrossing. Breath-taking. There were a great number of coincidences, though - too many to be plausible to me. And I didn't like Yuri or Lara. Still, the book worked for me. I suspect that's very much due to the Omar Sharif film.


Eye of the Needle - WWII spy story. These suck me in every.single.time. Audio book.


Brightness Reef - I've been meaning to read this for a couple of years now - ever since I finally read the first Uplift books. In progress, and I'm really enjoying it.


An Echo in the Bone - Catching up with the Frasers and the MacKenzies. Audio book.


A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows and The Space Between - Outlander novellas.


Mt. TBR Books: Persuasion, The Gold Coast, Pacific Edge, The Eye of the Needle, Brightness Reef