Jumping on the bandwagon....


1.) I've lived in eight states - two of them three different times, and one twice. Until I was in my mid-thirties, I'd never lived in the same house for more than five years. 


2.) I moved so much when I was growing up that I don't feel I have a "home town." 


3.) I've always been extremely quiet and reserved with people I don't know.


4.) Coming up with 10 things about me to post on the Internet is extremely difficult.


5.) I don't have (or want) children. I like children - I just want to be able to give them back.


6.) Babies terrify me. I'd rather try to "reason" with a two-year-old than look after a baby.


7.) I've loved books and reading my whole life. Because of this, I didn't study literature in college; I didn't want lit classes to ruin my love of reading.


8.) I stopped dating men who were jealous of the time I spent reading. I don't regret this at all.


9.) My husband and I packed several books between the two of us for our honeymoon. And still browsed bookstores.


10.) I've used books to avoid having to interact with people my whole life. It's a bit odd to now use books to connect with people. Odd but good.