Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson Faro's Daughter - Georgette Heyer Against All Enemies - Tom Clancy, Peter Telep The Transformation of Things: A Novel - Jillian Cantor

Wuthering Heights - So dark and twisted! I didn't see it as a love story of any kind - it seemed most of the major characters hated each other, including Cathy and Heathcliff. I must read this again, though. It's that kind of book. 


The Hero of Ages - Much better than I expected. Of course, after The Well of Ascension, I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised - this was as good as Mistborn.


Faro's Daughter - A light, fun read. I was expecting Arabella to be married off to Kit, though. Will probably pick up other Georgette Heyer romances if I see a sale.


Against All Enemies - Awful! Just awful! Laughably bad! I kept on with it hoping Clancy's voice would emerge and out of nostalgia for my favorite Clancy novels. Overwritten, florid prose. I spent the last third of the book laughing at it.


The Silver Chair and The Horse and His Boy - Both for the DWS Narnia group read. I'm enjoying the Narnia books as much now as I did lo those many years ago.


I'm on the verge of calling it quits on Le Morte d'Arthur. I'm not a fan of the King Arthur legend, and this book just isn't working for me. On the other hand, I haven't given it a fair chance. I'll give it a couple more weeks....


Still plugging away with Daniel Deronda. So far, it's better than Middlemarch, so there's that.


The Transformation of Things - A Mt. TBR book, otherwise I think I'd give up on it. I started it when I needed a light, easy read, and it's certainly that. Not unputdownable, though. I'm at about the 50% mark - should finish it tomorrow.


2014 Mt. TBR: Wuthering Heights, The Hero of Ages, Faro's Daughter, Against All Enemies, The Transformation of Things