The Duchess War (Brothers Sinister #1) - Courtney Milan

My first Regency romance! Well, maybe my second, because I read The Governess Affair first.


I enjoyed it, although I liked The Governess Affair better.


For some reason, Robert's initial attraction to Minnie didn't seem plausible. And I had a hard time believing that he would have been so successful at not being like his father. Also, the dialog seemed too modern - especially the not-so-subtle sexual innuendo. But this is my first experience with Regency romance, and I'm not sure what's standard for the genre.


That said, I liked the characters and the story. Minnie was delightful, and Sebastian was a hoot!  I certainly hope to see more of him and Violet in future stories. And I do plan to read the rest of the books and novellas in the series.