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Day 18: A book that disappointed 


I started reading this series when I was in middle school - eagerly anticipating each book as it was published. When each new book came out, I'd re-read the previous books so I was caught up with Ayla and Jondalar's adventures. 


Some books I liked more than others, and some grew on me as I got older. But generally, I closed each book content with the story, and excited for the next book, even knowing I'd likely have several years to wait.


I gladly preordered The Land of Painted Caves and assiduously avoided reading any reviews. I knew it was the last book, and didn't want anything to spoil or taint my last meeting with Ayla. I dove right in on release day, only to have this highly anticipated book fall flat.


So much repetition. Over and over and over again. Of course, I understand the same ritual would be performed at every significant location, but the description of the ritual didn't need to be as thorough each and every time. I also felt Ayla and Jondalar's relationship - and relationship trouble - rang false.


I very nearly quit reading at several points, which is something I'm loathe to do. And when I finally finished, I felt relieved - rather than sad - this series that I'd followed for nearly 30 years (!!!!!) was over.