The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

Day 10: A book that reminds you of home


This was very difficult for me, mostly because of trying to define "home." I moved a lot when I was growing up, so "home" became not a physical location, but a state of mind.


We had several family rituals to make a new town or city home - a special meal, a trip to get library cards, etc. I always looked for several specific books and authors in new libraries, even though I had copies of those books on my shelves at home.


All these years later, home is still more of a state of mind than a physical place. I still have all those childhood favorite books on my shelves, and I still cooked a special meal and insisted my husband come with me to get a library card as part of our "settling in" process here.


So what book reminds me of home now?  Oddly enough, it's one I've never read, although I've tried several times.


This is a book my husband loves - one that sparked his love of reading. We both laughed with relief when we discovered, on one of our first dates, that the other loved reading too. Over the years, we've spent many happy hours sitting next to each other, happily reading. And without getting too sappy and mushy, my home is with him and his is with me.


Seeing the LOTR series on my shelves and on my Kindle makes me as happy as seeng my own childhood faves there. They feel as much like home as my own beloved books do.