All Creatures Great and Small - James Herriot

Day 5: A book that makes you happy


What's not to love about animal stories? Add in the trials and travails of a young vet trying to earn the respect of his clients, vivid descriptions of the Yorkshire countryside and loads of self-deprecating humor, and you've got a book that makes me happy...content...comforted.


Another book - set of books, really - that dates from my teen years.  They're great comfort reads for when I'm down or under the weather.  Delightful, light-hearted reads with a serious side - and I especially like the contrast to modern (post-antibiotic era) treatments.


James Herriot's (yes, I know its a pseudonym - I still think of him as JH, though) love for his job, the animals, the land and the people shines in each of these books.


So why did I pick All Creatures Great and Small over the others? Quite simply because it's the first. And when I pick this up, I know there are 4 more delightful, charming books to go, and that makes me happy.