The Long Winter (Little House) - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Garth Williams

Day 4: Favorite book of favorite series


Once again, it's hard to pick a favorite. And we all understand that, right? But since I must, The Long Winter comes out ahead.


As child growing up in the southeast, snow was a huuuuge novelty. To be honest, cold chilly weather - chilly enough to wear a jacket all day - was a huuuuge novelty. Snow was (almost) inconceivable, really. So the idea of all that cold weather, and all that snow, fascinated me as a small child. I remember wishing it would get that cold for us, and that we could have snow to play in. My mother, who didn't relish the idea of wrestling four small children into and out of (and into and out of and into and out of) cold weather gear would simply laugh and roll her eyes.


As an adult, I (again) have a much better, and different, understanding of just how precarious the Ingalls' survival was. How alone they, and the whole town of DeSmet, were.


And that's why this series, and this book in particular, are favorites - they've stood the test of time. Engaging, funny, enjoyable stories to me as a child, and no less so for me as an adult. With the added appreciation of how difficult and tenuous life on the prairie was.