The Complete Little House Nine-Book Set (Little House, #1-9) - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Garth Williams

Day 3: Favorite series


How to pick a favorite?  I've read - and loved - so many series over the years. I was always thrilled to find an author who had written or was writing a series. I could fall in love with the characters and grow and change as they grew and changed. I still love series - reconnecting with the characters is like sitting down with an old, dearly beloved friend.


But if I'm making myself pick one series above all others, it's the Little House books. From having my mom read these to me and my siblings when we were children to reading them myself to reading them to my mom and sibs, these are special.


And special for more than just wonderful memories of family time, though. I love the stories of the Ingalls family as they journeyed West. The idea of setting out with all your belongings in a wagon, away from friends and family and into a largely unsettled land was just mind-boggling to me as a child. The excitement! The adventure! The danger!


As an adult, I have more of an appreciation for what it took to leave a settled area and strike out on one's own, and if anything, it's more astonishing to me now than it was then.


I haven't read these in years, but the boxed set I talked my dad into buying me when I was ten still has a special place on my bookshelf. And always will.