Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West - Marguerite Henry

Day 2: A book you've read more than three times


I read this countless times as a child and through my teen years. At least once or twice a year. I was fascinated with horses and the wide open spaces of the Old West. Even as a forty-something, there's something romantic and compelling about these spectacular animals and the world they inhabit, even if I know the reality is far different.


This is just one of probably hundreds of books I've read more than three times in my life. I was a shy kid, and am still quiet and reserved with people I don't know well, and books have always been ideal companions. They were always there. Always.


As a frequent new kid in school, having my nose in a book was the perfect way to not feel alone at lunch and recess. Finding my favorite books in a new library made the new place feel less unfamiliar. Unpacking my books and seeing them neatly arranged in their proper places helped make a new house feel like home. And rereading old favorites, including Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West, was part of the settling-in routine in every new house.


So it seemed fitting to choose this book today.